Plain English editing, writing and training service -
provided by the National Adult Literacy Agency.

Plain English Mark

Do your documents meet international plain English standards?

NALA Plain English Mark

Our Plain English Mark is a logo that organisations can include on their websites or printed documents to indicate that their materials meet international plain English standards. Many organisations choose this option to show that they have made the effort to make their materials as clear as possible.

How to get the Plain English Mark

You can submit documents for the Mark directly (especially if they are short and already fairly clear) or you can send them to us for editing first.

  • Simply e-mail us a pdf or a link to your website if you have already used our editing service or if your document or website are already clear.
  • We will give an estimate (if we have not seen the text before) or else start reviewing the text right away.
  • During the review, we will concentrate on correcting inconsistencies and minor errors, recommending alternative words and phrases and commenting on design and formatting, using a checklist as we go.
  • We will return any comments and recommendations by e-mail and are happy to discuss them.
  • We will grant the Plain English Mark to each document or website that meets plain English standards once we approve the final layout before it is published.

If you would like to receive an estimate, please fill in our online form.