Plain English editing, writing and training service -
provided by the National Adult Literacy Agency.

Plain English editing and style guides

Organisations want to communicate well with their customers and customers want information that is quick and easy to understand. Our plain English editing supports can help you produce clear publications and internal documents.

When we edit a document or online information, we do whatever we think is needed to make it clearer for the intended reader. So, for example, we might insert more headings or bulleted lists, use different formatting (for example removing block capitals), reorder or delete whole sections and suggest tables or charts instead of paragraphs. This is in addition to proofreading and simplifying each sentence or paragraph.

At all times, we discuss your document with you before, during and after any editing so that we can provide the best possible service.

How to get a document edited in plain English

  • E-mail us a draft in Word, telling us who the document is for and when you would like it back.
  • We will provide some general comments and an estimate of the cost and length of time needed for the work. We will give you a price for editing on its own and for the editing and the Plain English Mark, an optional logo on the finished document or website.
  • If you are happy with the estimate and want us to start work, let us know as soon as you can.
  • We will then edit the document, tracking our changes as we go, and return the finished piece by the agreed deadline.

If you would like to receive an estimate on plain English editing, please fill in our online form.

Need assistance with style guides?

We have worked with a number of organisations to produce style guides for their particular documents. These guides help ensure consistent terms, clear language and clean design and can apply to anything from a suite of documents to a department to a whole organisation.

  • We can only give accurate estimates when we see how something is presented. We believe this is fairer than quoting just on word count or page numbers.
  • We work hard to keep the meaning of a document, but we ask that you go through our edits carefully to make sure your document is complete and factually accurate before you send it to print.

How to obtain a style guide

  • E-mail us to let us know what areas you would like the style guide to cover and include some sample documents so we can identify any common habits. We treat any sample documents as confidential.
  • We will contact you to comment on the sample documents, discuss your particular needs and agree a timeframe for returning the style guide.
  • Through regular contact and reviews, we will devise a guide that covers the main plain English guidelines while meeting your specific requirements.

For professional plain English editing services for your organisation, contact Simply Put today.