Maths and COVID-19 – help available

I bet most of us are thankful we have a basic knowledge of maths in this unprecedented time.  Maths help us understand what median, modelling and SIR means.

But, what about those who don’t have this basic knowledge? In Ireland, one in four adults in this country have very low maths skills (OECD figures). They can’t read the correct dosage on medicine labels or find the fat content on food labels. Maths is important.  NALA offer Freephone support to adults with numeracy, literacy and numeracy needs. The number is 1 800 20 20 65. The public can also Freetext LEARN to 50050 and one of NALA’s staff we will call them back.

Content writers

Meanwhile for content writers please remember when you are writing and using maths concepts that you explain them using practical examples.  I like this poster showing social distancing from Health Service Executive in Ireland.

NALA can also edit mathematical content using plain English and plain numbers writing and presentation techniques. We also listen carefully to maths experts!




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