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Words and phrases to avoid

Medical terms

Instead of


acute sudden and severe
administer give
antenatal before birth
anterior front
audiology hearing
benign harmless
biopsy studying tissue to check for disease
cardiology studying and treating the heart
catheter tube
central nervous system brain and spinal cord
chemotherapy treating cancer with drugs
chronic long-lasting, slow to change
coagulate, coagulation clot, clotting
congenital from birth
contagious spreading easily
contraindication reason not to take
contusion bruise
diagnosis identifying a health condition
dosage how to take
elective optional
epidermis skin
excise cut out
gastroenteritis stomach illness
hemorrhage severe bleeding
hypertension high blood pressure
immunise protect
incision cut
inhalation breathing in
intravenous through a vein
lateral at (on) the side
malignant harmful, cancerous
mammogram breast x-ray
medication tablets, injections (specify)
monitor keep track of
myopia short-sight
negative (test results) you do not have, you are not
normal range as it should be
oesophagus gut
ophthalmic eye
physician doctor
positive (test results) you have, you are
post-operative after the operation
prognosis likely outcome, chance of recovery
renal kidney
respiration breathing
rheumatology muscles and joints
symptoms signs of a sickness
therapy treatment
trachea wind pipe
ventricle lower chamber of the heart