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Words and phrases to avoid

Legal terms

Instead of


aforementioned already mentioned
annul cancel
assign transfer, give
benefactor person giving money (or other support)
beneficiary person who benefits
breach break, disobey
consent agree
convey transfer, give
counterfeit forged
duress pressure
emolument salary, fee
execute carry out
force majeure uncontrollable event
forfeit lose
heretofore before now
indemnity promise not to sue, compensation
jurisdiction power
legal representative solicitor, barrister
litigation suing
merchantable suitable for sale
misrepresentation lying
negligence carelessness
non-negotiable cannot be changed, cannot be sold
non-transferable cannot be given away
onus duty
plaintiff person bringing a case to court
proviso condition
rescind cancel
statutory rights legal rights
subject to depending on
summons order to attend court
testify give evidence
title ownership, right to own
undertaking promise
void not valid
waive give up a right or benefit