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Words and phrases to avoid

Concise words

Instead of


adequate number of enough
adjacent to beside
as a result of because
at the present time now, currently
by means of by, with
come to the conclusion conclude
draw to your attention point out, show
during such time while
excessive number of too many
for the duration of during, until the end
for the purpose of to
give an indication indicate, signal
give consideration to consider, think about
hold discussions, meetings discuss, meet
in conjunction with with
in possession of have, own
in proximity to near, close to
in receipt of receiving, getting
in reference to about
in respect of about, for
in the course of during, while
in the event that if
in view of the fact that because
it would appear that apparently
large proportion of many
make an application apply
not in a position to unable to
notwithstanding the fact that despite, even if, however
not later than by, on or before
on a daily basis daily, every day
on behalf of by, for
on condition that if
on the part of by
provided that if
subsequent to after
sufficient number of enough
take exception to disagree with, object to
under the provisions of under
until such time that until
with regard to about